Training / Workshops

There are 3 areas for training ( Gauteng / Durban / Cape Town)

Training videos available:

  1. Brand Overview
  2. Overview of Daily Use Products
  3. Hyperpigmentation Overview
  4. Acne & Rosacea Overview
  5. Ageing Overview

Zoom / formal training following the videos, dates to be announced once videos have been completed.
Practical Training will be arranged over zoom / at your practice / in a group depending on demand.
Cost: Free of charge to all our stockists

Launching 3 NEW products:

  1. md:complex Anti-Pollution
  2. md:complex CouperOff
  3. md:cocktail SkinBooster Anti-Pollution

Training on protocols once you have received the technical dossier on them all.
Date: 31 August 2020  Anti-Pollution / 1 September 2020
Time: 9 am – 10 am
Place: Zoom session
What to expect: Detailed protocol discussion, how to administer and how to combine them in your treatment protocols.
Cost: Free of charge to all our stockists

Advanced Skin AnalysisMasterclass
What to expect: A complete training workshop to equip you with the right tools to add to your existing skin analysis and consultation, either virtually or in practice.
Duration: 7 hour via Zoom meeting with virtual demonstration and 2 hour breaks in the day.
Date & Time: 7 September (Next training to be confirmed – please enquire)
Cost: R1 500.00 per person, or refer a friend for R750.00 added on for every additional person from the same practice.

Aim of this training / course:
– To add confidence to your consultations with your clients / patients, equipping you with all the necessary and right tools.
– Turnover better sales
– Build loyalty & trust with your clients / patients
– Ensure that your clients / patients will comply with treatment programs & skincare regimens that has been individually prescribed.
– Setting the tone for new relationships
– Saving time

Contents: Initial consultation, Skin Physiology & Skin Conditions, recommendations, analysing all the skin classifications, analysing devices & how to use UV light devices, before & after photo tips, how the use of educational tools can help you, creating comprehensive patient files, new patient procedure, full set of forms to use and contents to have, virtual & initial in office procedure, practical demonstration.

Everyone will receive a practical workbook to work from.

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