md:peel azelaic 17% + salicylic 20%

Used on skins with acneic tendency, imperfections and uneven tone.


Azelaic acid is a naturally occurring dicaboxylic acid that reduces the thickness of the stratum corneum by shedding damaged cells from the skin surface, leading to a flawless skin free of imperfections caused by the different manifestations of acne and irregular pigmentations. It may be used on skins with acneic tendency, imperfections and uneven tone.

Salicylic Acid is a Beta Hydroxy Acid that reduces the cohesion of corneocytes causing the exfoliation of dead and damaged cells, promoting a refined skin texture and an even tone.
Thanks to its lipid solubility and lipophilic nature, it may be used on acneic skin by cleaning clogged pores, without irritation and discomfort.

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