md:cocktail SkinBooster Anti-Pollution Defence

Combines different multi-functional actives. These actives counter the impact of pollution by a variety of mechanisms, in a global strategy to repair and protect the skin.

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md:cocktail SkinBooster Anti-Pollution Defence combines different multi-functional actives. These actives counter the impact of pollution by a variety of mechanisms, in a global strategy to repair and protect the skin from  external damage. This cocktail contains a combination of powerful antioxidant, protective, repairing and regenerating ingredients. Acting synergistically, they stimulate the natural skin cells’ repair mechanisms, shielding the skin from free radicals and external aggressors, to preserve a smooth, even and glowing complexion. md:cocktail SkinBooster Anti-Pollution Defence strengthens and restores skin barrier integrity and stratum corneum cohesion, protecting skin cells from the penetration of pollutants and leading to skin that is more resistant to environmental stressors. Enhances skin´s natural healing processes, rendering the skin firm, tight and revitalised. It also gives protection from the negative effects of exposure to blue light, both from sunlight and the screens of digital devices, which promotes premature skin ageing.


  • Replenishes antioxidant reserves and protects the skin from free radicals, to speed up the skin’s repair systems and prevent further damage. It acts as a biological shield, protecting DNA from the damaging effects of pollutants and heavy metals.
  • Reduce inflammation, fghting redness and irritation.
  • Improves skin barrier function, offering intense moisturising benefts and reducing Trans Epidermal Water loss from compromised skin. Protects skin from pollution by forming a soft, hydrating flm that provides an instant, deep moisturising effect.
  • Stimulates the synthesis of new collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans which are essential for the maintenance of skin elasticity and flexibility, removing fne lines, wrinkles and skin dryness.
  • Blocks the melanogenesis process and the oxidative stress from UV radiation and pollution, removing the appearance of hyperpigmentation.
  • Minimises damage from long-term exposure to visible light and blue light from sunlight and the screens of digital devices (phones, tablets, laptops…etc).
  • With antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory actions, it eliminates the asphyxiating microparticles present
    in the environment.
  • Accelerates epidermal exfoliation, increasing the skin’s levels of brightness and softness.



SEthyl Ascorbic acid + Glutathione + Saccharide Isomerate + Vitis Vinifera Leaf Extract + Niacinamide + Tocopheryl Acetate + Citric acid + Glycerin

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