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  • md:ultrasense cleanser

    Anti-irritating cleanser, that gently cleanses the skin, removing all traces of makeup and impurities, while respecting skin’s natural balance.

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  • md:multiactive firming toner

    Facial toner with high concentration of decongestive, antioxidant and regenerating active principles. It removes any remaining traces of make-up, skin impurities and excess of oil, while reducing the pore size and refining surface texture, leaving the skin fresh and toned.

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  • md:prepeel Beta&AHAs complex 8%

    md:ceuticals peel procedures combine in-office treatment (application of chemical peel) with an at home regimen pre and post peel treatment (application of md:prepeel Beta&AHAs complex 8%) to enhance results and minimize undesirable complications and side effects with minimal downtime.

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  • md:prepeel AHAs complex 15%

    Enhance results and minimize undesirable complications and side effects with minimal downtime. md:prepeel AHAs complex 15% prepares the skin and facilitates uniform penetration of peels, promoting more rapid re-epithelialization and detecting intolerance to any peel.

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  • melan:off maintenance cream

    Produces effective skin whitening, eliminating blemishes of melanic origin located in face, neckline, neck, hands and arms in a quick, safe and effective way, utilising a combination of different whitening active principles that inhibit the process of melanin formation in all the stages.

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  • md:cocktail SkinBooster Antiage Peptides

    Super concentrated anti-ageing, antioxidant & regenerating ampoules.  It has an immediate effect on the skin, drastically improving the skin’s health, minimising the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and flaccidity.

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  • md:cocktail Post Treatment Skin Recovery

    Ultra-repairing & moisturizing sealing ampoules.  Provides powerful daily antioxidant protection to counteract oxidative stress, combating the effects of environmental stressors on skin.

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  • md:cocktail SkinBooster Anti-Pollution Defence

    Combines different multi-functional actives. These actives counter the impact of pollution by a variety of mechanisms, in a global strategy to repair and protect the skin.

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